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Contact us

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or have a loved one who has, and you want help contact our welfare team.

email or telephone 643 63 81 77

If you want to volunteer to help people in your area who are affected by cancer either as part of our welfare team or with fundraising and at our events contact The Secretary

email or telephone 608 76 27 48

The Team


  • Vice President and Welfare: Val Dix
  • Committee Member and Secretary: Lynne Sweet
  • Committee Member and Welfare Lead: Irene Lee-Barber:
  • Committee Member Advisory: Sonia Cantalejo
  • Committee Member and Treasurer: Claire Harper
  • Committee Member and Welfare: Sue Pearce
  • Committee Member and Welfare: Hilde Brisbane
  • Committee Member and Publicity Manager: Judi Bedford-Keogh: